• The Triple 9 has been created with the scope of making a modern, safe and fast boat for reduced crew in offshore races or sport cruising.

  • he hard-chine hull shape boosts sailing performance and comfort. The composite epoxy sandwich construction from female mould under vacuum follows structural ISO Rules for Category A which ensures quality and safety.

  • Construction out of female mould laminated over CNC assisted milled plug.Epoxy/e-glass/hs-carbon/SAN sandwich under vacuum to minimize weight and increase stiffness and strength. Gel-coat external finish. Bulkheads and structure taped to hull and deck. Composite sandwich furniture built in internal moulding bonded to hull and deck using high strength epoxy structural adhesive. High tensile steel keel spar with lead bulb. Female mould fin composite fairing. 

  • Deck layout is both light, ergonomic and functional. No stone has been left unturned when it comes to sail handling and control. This is not casual, this is the outcome of many thousands of miles of sailing. Equipment market leaders (Harken, Ropeye, Spinlock,Gottifredi&Maffioli)  have collaborated with their expertise and complete the Triple9 with their gear.

  • The interior layout will amaze you with its large spaces and ergonomics.    6 beds, 1 toilet room, a technical area for storage, a chart table and a functional kitchen make the boat ideal for sport cruises.
    Two versions are available: the race and the cruiser-race both customizable with different optionals.

CFD approach

The hull lines are the result of a deep Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study using the best available software in the market, Numeca, used also by America’s Cup or Imoca projects. The bow area with reverse stem has been optimized to reduce wave making drag and generating dynamic lift as the boat speed increases for early and easy planning. The scientifically studied shape reduce wetted surface area for low angles of heel and the strategically located hard-chine increases righting moment at higher heel angles. The stiff streamlined lines and low rocker combined with low weight enable the boat to escape quickly from the theoretical design speed limit. The appendages and sail plan have been also optimized using CFD in depth. The keel sections, area and planform are customized to generate maximum lift/drag ratio with minimum leeway. Twin rudders for maximum control under any sailing condition, generating maximum performance and extending the range of angle of attack without stall.



Design: Eng. Sito Avilés Ramos (Balance Arquitectura Naval) & Arch. Andrea Gancia 

➢ Yard: Nelo – Portugal 

➢ Construction: sandwich epoxy/e-glass/hs-carbon/SAN – vacuum/High tensile steel keel spar with lead bulb 

➢ LOA: 9.99 m 

➢ LWL: 9.91 m 

➢ Bmax: 3.49 

➢ Draft: 2.20m 

➢ Displacement : 2.650kg 

➢ Sail area: 59m² (mainsail 33 m², genoa 26 m²) 

➢ Gennaker: 90m² 

➢ Code 0: 50m² 

➢ Engine: Yanmar 15hp 

➢ Diesel: 61l

➢ Water: 55l